“After more than 50 years of dieting, this is the only plan that’s really given me the habits that work.”
- Jennifer H. (via Facebook)
If you you’ve been watching your weight creep up year after year, diet after diet, then we have good news for you. 

But first, it's time to be honest…

If we tell you that your weight doesn’t define who you are as a person; it’s your character, your personality and how you improve the lives of those around you that matters, intellectually, you’d probably agree with us.

After all, we're sure you’ve come across at least one person in your life who just oozes confidence, joy and a love of life, despite not having the “perfect” body, right?
But even though you recognize that you're more than a silly number on the scale, deep down you know you'd feel better if you lost a few pounds and were living a healthier life.

You’ve tried… failed… tried… and failed to lower that stupid number so many times - it’s become a powerful force in your life, even if you know it shouldn't matter.

As fitness coaches, we’ve met and worked with thousands of women feeling the same way you do.

Take Jen for example...
After gaining 30-pounds due to poor eating habits, and bringing two beautiful children into the world, she felt sapped of energy. 

Even after trying Weight Watchers, and the Atkins diet, she couldn’t shake the weight.
Or how about Tracy... 
She couldn’t walk up stairs without getting winded and having to rest. 

She became depressed and cut herself off from people closest to her. Worst of all, she used food to cope with her sadness, which made things worse.
And then there's Beate...
Her weight hit it’s peak after a divorce. In her 40’s, she found that what worked in the past to take off the extra pounds, just wasn’t working anymore. 

She resorted to crash diets, even though the results never lasted.
While your struggles may be similar to one of these women, the truth is YOU… ARE… UNIQUE!

We know this is nothing you haven’t heard before, but here’s why it matters when it comes to finding LASTING weight-loss success...

When you try to lose weight using extreme diets, and insane workouts that you just don’t enjoy, there’s almost zero chance of you reaching the life you desperately crave.
What we’re about to tell you will likely fly in the face of just about everything you have ever heard about losing weight…

The type of food you eat and the type of exercise you do, are NOT the most important things.

Now, we're not advocating for a diet of pizza, cookies, and wine, while sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix.

What we're saying is, the most important components of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight are:

Building Habits and Having Support.

With the right habits instilled in your life, you’ll find that you rely less and less on willpower to get you to your goal.

With habits, you feel more relaxed and at ease as you discover a way of eating that fits your life.
Habits will help you find the time to discover a way of moving your body each day that feels really good - that doesn’t keep you in a state of chronic soreness and pain.

And research has clearly shown that having a support system in place while you develop these habits makes it far more likely you’ll succeed.

Here’s the good news…

We (Jenn, Kristen and Dave) have put together a plan called the 10 In 4 Challenge that’s focused on helping you find your unique path to becoming a lifetime member of the fit, strong and confident club.

And we do it by providing you with a support structure that’s safe, inviting and inspiring.

Before we tell you more about the 10 In 4 Challenge, let us introduce ourselves...
Jennipher Walters is the founder of Fit Bottomed World, and the co-author of The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet.

She’s certified as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a health coach.

Fun fact: After years of training, Jenn can now bust out 14 pull-ups in a row. She even got to show off her skills to celebrity trainer, Bob Harper, while appearing in his online training program.
Kristen Seymour is a partner and the editor-in-chief at Fit Bottomed World.

Aside from being an amazing chef, she competes in triathlons and has developed a passion for mental fitness through meditation.

Fun Fact: Kristen is known to spontaneously bust out into dance when she hears a beat. It’s not uncommon to see her grooving to a song while in the supermarket, or even during a half marathon.
And finally, there's Dave Smith.

For more than 16 years, Dave has been working with women as their fitness coach and weight-loss coach. In 2013, he was recognized as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” for the dramatic success his clients see.

His articles have appeared in prestigious fitness magazines and on TV. And while that was fun, his friends told him that he's got a face for radio, so he started a podcast called Make Your Body Work which has been downloaded well over 100,000 times!
Now let us tell you a bit more about the 10 In 4 Challenge...
We’ve tested and refined this program for more than 3 years, making sure it includes everything you need to get the results you want:
  •  Eating guides, recipes, and meal planners to reduce your work in the kitchen and to help you master a clean eating lifestyle.
  •  The simplest and most effective exercise guidelines that will spark fat-loss without stressing you or your body.
  •  Easy solutions to help you reduce your chronic mental and physical stress so that your body can actually let go of the excess weight it's been holding onto.
  •  The winning strategy to make sure you're perfectly hydrated so that your metabolism can return to where is should be.
  •  Daily coaching, motivation and accountability in our exclusive 10 In 4 Challenge Facebook group. 
  •  It's so much fun!
You said it best...
Thousands of women have finally reached their goals after working with us. Here's what some of them have said during their 10 In 4 Challenge...
"I am thrilled with what I have accomplished! Today I am down 12 pounds and plan to keep going. I have lost most of the baby weight that I was carrying and I had to go buy new pants yesterday because I only had one pair of casual pants that still fit!" -Jen
Rebecca had come so far, but then she got stuck. The 10 in 4 Challenge helped her bust through her plateau. Watch her tell her story.
"137 pounds is a number I haven't see in a long time! The '10 in 4' is a really great program. I'm so glad my sisters found it and told me about their success!" -Daisy
Laura lost 100 pounds, but what used to work for her just wasn't working any longer. After joining the 10 in 4 Challenge, she had people noticing the changes to her body right away. 
Ruth loved having the support of other women in the 10 in 4 Challenge.
And Andrea got her pre-baby body back!
Are you ready to cut the string off the weight-loss yo-yo?
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