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CAN'T LOSE: 14 Winning Weight-Loss Secrets For Women Who THINK They Can't Lose Weight
What Is This Book All About?
During my 16 years working in the fitness industry, I have seen one truth play out over and over: There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for losing weight.
 Unfortunately, many marketing messages tell you a different story. There’s always a new diet or exercise program that is “guaranteed” to work for everyone. Your hopes are built upon false promises and then come crashing down when results never materialize.  
CAN'T LOSE speaks out against misleading messages and offers the truth about weight-loss. 
In 14 interviews with leading health and wellness experts from around the world, I uncover tested and proven strategies that will help you successfully lose weight and keep it off. This is your weight-loss playbook. 
Use your FREE copy of CAN'T LOSE to discover your unique solution for living a healthier and happier life. I know you're going to love it!
Dave Smith
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Get The Truth Straight From The Experts In This Book...
Jennipher Walters
"Diets are always about deprivation. They're on-again-off-again. If you go on a diet, you always come off a diet. But what happens is you lose all of your self-confidence, which is where I was."
 -Jennipher Walters, sharing why diets never work long-term and why they can actually do harm.
Debra Atkinson
"What they've done before that worked isn't working anymore, or if they felt like they didn't have to pay attention to their health earlier in their life, they suddenly do."
 -Debra Atkinson, explaining that we must change our ways as our bodies change with age.
Betsy Pake
"About fourteen years ago—I'm not sure if you know this—but I gained about eighty pounds when I had my daughter, so I know what it is like to feel out of control and not like yourself."
 -Betsy Pake, telling her story of weight-gain, losing that weight, and taking control of her life again.
CAN'T LOSE: 14 Winning Weight-Loss Secrets For Women Who THINK They Can't Lose Weight
Can't Lose Book by Dave Smith
In this one book, you will learn from the top health and wellness experts in the world. Follow the advice you can trust!
Inside This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Weight-Loss Secrets You Will Uncover...
  • How to escape the "Dieter's Prison" so that you no longer rely on restrictive eating to drop unwanted pounds. (page 14)
  • Specific steps to conquer your cravings so that you can eat the healthy foods you really want to eat. (page 24)
  • Where to find your unstoppable motivation so that you never give up and never feel like a failure again! (page 32)
  • How to push aside all of the unimportant things in life so that YOU get the "me time" you deserve. (page 51)
  • The path to make peace with the scale so that it doesn't run your life or dictate your self-worth. (page 66)
  • Action steps to heal your digestive system for more energy, less discomfort, and faster weight-loss. (page 81)
  • What food triggers are forcing you into "The Overeating Cycle" and how you can avoid them. (page 96)
  • Why you love sugar and what 3 steps you need to take to break your sugar addiction forever. (page 116)
  • How to build your "Fundamental Schedule" for huge stress-relief and an instant willpower boost. (page 134)
  • The 5 keys to restoring your energy without caffeine or supplements. Love your life again! (page 151)
  • The simplest way to burn WAY more calories each day without ever stepping foot inside a gym. (page 163)
  • Why you might need to eat more and exercise less in order to lose weight that's been clinging to your body. (page 169)
  • How your hormones are sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. There is one easy solution! (page 178)
  • The "Complete and 3" rule that allows you to eat perfect fat-loss meals with almost no thought. (page 200)
  • The "Sleep Equation" that reveals how many hours of sleep you actually need. Hint: It's not 8 hours. (page 206)
  • The misunderstood reason why your supplements are doing you more harm than good. (page 228)
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